Welcome to Union Cemetery Historical Society
Kansas City, Missouri

Founded in 1984 as a 501c3 organization to restore, maintain and preserve the burial records of Kansas City, Missouri's oldest public cemetery, Union Cemetery.

Founded in 1857, Union Cemetery is the oldest public cemetery in Kansas City, MO, and is the final resting place of over 55,000 souls. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the land was originally claimed and plotted out to be the cemetery for both the town of Westport and the town of Kansas (now Kansas City). Many famous and historically significant individuals are buried in the Cemetery, without whom, Kansas City would not be what it is today. Veterans from every war from the Revolutionary War to the Vietnam War are also buried here, including those who fought for both sides during the Civil War. The Cemetery maintains a strong military identity, honoring those who served our country.

One of Kansas City’s hidden gems, Union Cemetery is the resting place of many of Kansas City’s founders. It is a place filled with rich history and stories of politicians, artists, entrepreneurs, war heroes, and every-day people making a difference within a changing society. The Historical Society is responsible for sharing these stories and caring for the memorials and grounds that celebrate some of Kansas City’s treasured lives.

The Union Cemetery Historical Society’s purpose is to preserve, protect and promote Kansas City’s historical Union Cemetery. In this effort the Society gives tours, provides learning experiences, assists with care and beautification, aids genealogical research, promotes the cemetery to the public and more.

Union Cemetery is also a vital resource for the surrounding neighborhoods. The 27 acres are a Kansas City park meant for the enjoyment and recreation of all Kansas City residents as a refuge of natural beauty in the center of the city. By joining UCHS, you are supporting the preservation of Kansas City’s history and the community at large. Your membership donation will support various improvement projects as well as the day to day operation of the Society.

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Today, Union Cemetery is located just south of Crown Center and east of the Liberty Memorial, and is open to the public, maintained by both the Kansas City Parks Department and the Union Cemetery Historical Society.

The Union Cemetery Historical Society (UCHS) was founded in 1984 as a 501c3 organization to restore, maintain and preserve the history of the land and those who will eternally rest here.


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